Type-Ahead Amenity Search

Our Problem

With many types of properties including bed and breakfasts, resorts, apartments, cabins, tents, and castles, it can be difficult to find the right amenities and accoutrements that make one place unique. With the purchase of Vrbo and the dramatic increase in the number of vacation rentals, the amount of available options increased dramatically and adding the right ones for a specific property became downright unwieldy. Lastly, the way the data was structured made it challenging to ensure the right options were selected in the category so that your property would show up in searches, filters, and with the right tags and badges.

Our Solution

Using some hackathon technology that one of the teams developed, we pushed forward on a comprehensive type-ahead search feature that allowed partners to find the right amenity for their properties, and also browse grouped amenities within the context of the category. This ensured there were not orphaned amenities in the system and that all search terms, filters, and tags/badges worked properly on the brand sites.

Our Results

The type-ahead amenity search became one the most highly trafficked property pages in the partner toolkit.